Alipay from 10 starts for three antenna payment discount


also struggled.


source: Shanghai – Zhongshan Park Shanghai site

in order to alleviate this year twelve coincides with Monday working day embarrassment, Alipay reputation – 2016 begins Saturday.

December 10th, interface news reporter interviewed found that this year – and the weekend together, the flow of people increased significantly. According to the Shanghai Zhongshan Park on the Shanghai Hot pot shop manager Chai Taixing introduced him, "today people flow is very high, we are ready to twelve amount is 5 times more than usual. For our stores, this is the most important festival."


shop on the front of the door there are consumers in consultation activities details

already belongs to the popular Zhongshan Park dragon in the Shanghai business district, the usual flow of people is very high. In fact, there is a corresponding Matthew effect. Thus, they are playing their own small abacus, in addition to the full reduction activities in the Alipay outside, more than modest represented businesses also do their own activities, such as lunch, 31% off dinner 18% off, to attract users to participate in the interaction with the business to.


activity details

General manager

Xu Fei told reporters in Shanghai Carrefour interface, a big change this year is twelve many elderly people have begun to accept Alipay quick payment, this is a very big progress.

"shuangshier significance lies in the promotion of business, the front is in the Spring Festival, or the weekend, but provides different gameplay twelve, the average person payment time can save 5-10 seconds. In subsidies, subsidies for each part of us and alipay."


of the Zhongshan Park in Shanghai Shanghai Carrefour stores various payment methodsAccording to

Xu Fei said, this year twelve for Carrefour, the biggest difficulty lies in the check. To ensure that when the cashier to buy a gift not to repeat the charges, the most important thing is to ensure accurate. In fact, Carrefour is also pushing different activities every day to meet customer demand. But twelve is the business of centralized training".

many consumers are weekend wandering accidentally know that twelve activity has already begun. Different consumers feel about twelve different this year.

an interview with the old man on the interface news reporter, said, used to use bank card credit card. Now this is very convenient (refer to Alipay), do not sign."

he spent more than 70 yuan in the Carrefour supermarket, in addition to random reduction, he did not feel particularly large concessions. This year – and did not use the half fold > as usual

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