Wanda films intends 3 Road 10 billion listed on the financing which is reliable

, according to several media reports, Wanda Wanda cinema is preparing for the listing, to be in front of public financing of 10 billion yuan, Wanda films before financing private valuation of 35 billion yuan.


Wanda Studios was founded in 2011, Wanda Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of China in 2015 as the largest private film production company and private film distribution company.

After the completion of the

financing, investors accounted for about 20% of funds, such as Wanda is a relatively large proportion of large enterprises.

why Wanda films to seek listing


Wanda in recent years, has been doing light asset restructuring, increasing investment in the service sector. Wang Jianlin at the beginning of this year’s annual meeting of Wanda, Wanda’s film and television, sports, tourism, children’s entertainment four sectors in 2015 total revenue of 51 billion 280 million, an increase of 45.7%. Accounted for 20.6% of the group’s total revenue. Tourism income of 12 billion, including Wanda Wanda cinema income 8 billion, Wanda income of 5 billion 870 million, Wuzhou sports film distribution income of 1 billion 650 million, the Wuzhou film completed the 183.7% year plan.

Wanda film related industries, Wanda cinema has a separate listing, Wuzhou film Wanda films company. Wuzhou movie only set up a year Chinese became the largest private film distribution company, released in 2015 6 billion 750 million yuan movie box office, made films accounted for 24.8% market share, 2016 target distribution of films at the box office 10 billion, accounting for more than 30% market share of domestic films. The establishment of a year’s record, Wanda films naturally move the idea of listing.

In addition

and Wanda films were similar as well as Wanda financial. Wang Jianlin said the establishment of less than a year of Wanda financial revenue reached 20 billion 890 million yuan, to complete the annual plan of 697%, is expected to be listed on the mainland China strategic emerging board. Wang Jianlin also said Wanda finance is seeking a large body of M & a object.

How will the

Wanda films listed


Wanda films after the successful completion of this round of financing, will have 3 listed ways: backdoor listing into Wanda listed companies; independent listing. What is the most likely of these three ways?

first, the possibility of backdoor listing is unlikely. Enterprise backdoor listing, the enterprise ownership is usually the loss of about 20%, the future after the listing, Wanda films holdings will be further diluted. Wanda Group in 2015 reached 634 billion yuan of assets, annual income of $290 billion 160 million. So although the backdoor listing of the success rate will be high, but Wanda studios as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, it is not necessary to detract from the interests of the backdoor listing.

in fact, if a company has pictures Wanda Wanda Group’s listed, is the most likely Wanda cinema. Wanda currently has 3 listed companies, Wanda Hotel, Wanda business and

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