Four issues of Baidu bidding

one question: to help ‘Li Gui’ pull business, angered ‘Li Kui’

May 9, 2007, Shanghai Volkswagen Trackbacks logistics company sued Baidu, sued Baidu for infringing its trademark, what Baidu ranked bid up. Baidu search on the ‘mass moving field’ the key words, there will be up to 280 thousand pages of the company’s Web links, but these ‘mass moving the’ company’s phone, address and web site are not the same. "Fake public Trackbacks" full of search engine, consumer is deceived ceaselessly, which makes the sign populace move the company very angry."

in some time ago Google customer training meeting also asked the customer to the same problem, that is, can not register the competitor’s brand word. On Google, the answer is yes. First person had the nature of the infringement, but later in the discussion of IT teahouse meeting, most games apply always think the Google keyword results is shown in the results page next to the original, and not directly into the advertising pages, so there is no infringement problems (equivalent to let customers in search of a product can be seen more products). Think about it, that’s the truth. However, if Baidu competitors on the left side of the competition, the infringement is not small. But there is a problem is that Baidu is not a professional in various industries, how can she know which brand is it?.

Question two: "

blocked a small site, attracted the" outrage "

Baidu of "tolerance", so advertisers to partner sites are very "harsh", frequently blocked all sorts of which he regarded as "cheat" small websites, and start ‘outrage’, so many webmaster formed "anti Baidu union", in a place called "anti Baidu" ( the site of collective protest.

it is understood that Baidu was founded in June 2005 by a man named Guo Zhendong launched. Guo Zhendong is currently the president and CEO of Henan billion book computer company, in 1999, he founded the literary website Mermaid community. One day in 2004, Guo Zhendong on the background of the mermaid literature community website linked to a keyword generation tool. This software can make the site easier to search engine crawl, thus effectively increasing the site’s click. His move was defined as cheating Baidu, Baidu search engine was also screened, mermaid literature community site can not appear in Baidu’s search engine. After Guo realized that he had made the search engine taboo, he cleared this section of the program, and to admit to Baidu management, request reincluding. This letter two times, but only received a reply program of Baidu. That is to say, Baidu no artificial processing was allowed to shield the site webmaster problem, as long as the taboo, difficult to have the opportunity."

often IT teahouse friend on Baidu plucked by Baidu K, do not know whether we are "public" crowd of


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