2014 tour of the hands of the community are dead where to go Creating demand in advance is a mistake


2014 China game industry report shows that mobile game Sturm und Drang, sales revenue reached 27 billion 490 million yuan. So the question is, why such a big market plate, 2014 this industry does not have the birth of a good community products, namely Mobile Games community are dead which go to? This article is to tell you Mobile Games community where (don’t talk to me about Mobile Games media application store by the hand tour community case, the fundamental not to create a product for the purpose), let me yiyidaolai.

review 2014 hand travel community related two characteristics: media, community-based


has two foreign media Mobile Games seemingly regressed donghonghong, respectively, and the game cube network, belonging to the founder of Chen Yichao and Wang Jian are also the leader in the game industry. The game in January 2013 January 2014, tens of millions of millions of angels, tens of millions of B January 2015 A round round; and the cube network also Niubi forked, tens of millions of angels, July 2013 June 2014’s, December 2014 100 million A Gaga million angel round.

is called, "some people pretend that he is still alive; some people pretend that he is dead."". The two external displays so "regressed donghonghong, subconsciously reminded me of that dark when the music network. Mobile Games media, when the music network is the first domestic. This company from the existence of the Java era, relying on Android platform and in-depth cooperation with CP, through the acquisition of hand travel began to become the first choice for the hands of the players to get the game.

but the problem, also is the music network, due to the lack of solid flow entrance slowly into the development bottleneck. If it is after 2014 began to contact Mobile Games industry newcomers, even rarely heard the music network. When the music network as a pure Mobile Games media, highlighting the typical characteristics of the current market Mobile Games media, which is provided by game player game information, gifts and other services to game player. But highly homogeneous hand travel media, the content is difficult to innovate, players rely on shape, not to mention the players interact. 2014 Mobile Games media killed too much, to cater to investors but did not get the favor of users.


this is the focus of this article, I was born in 2014 is not a good hand travel community products, what a pity. In a word comments on the direction of the hand travel community products – make up the hands of players in the game can not meet the needs of the game". 2014 is the game player is Mobile Games education for 1 years, so in the game player itself is not mature (I didn’t play the game through the game, you give me trouble which) under the premise of creating demand ahead of itself is wrong. As the saying goes, "I just want to be a quiet man playing the game", the game itself is my needs.

if the player is mature, then how to do?

community is divided into content and social

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