Revolutionary link to micro blog marketing

a lot of people in the creation of the website are looking for ways to improve the weight of their own website, have to find their own record and some properties of the same station site in time to find the site, improve their online weight and volume to come, I feel this way to improve web site development is very necessary. Create a personal website, a lot of time and it will encounter these problems, and when necessary, and peer Adsense exchange of views, it is very desirable, not as

closed doors!

I have said before, we must first create a web site to have innovation, if the site does not have the innovation, it can not get very good development, and today I and common problems, is the site of revolution — link innovation, do not know if there is no use, and in my thoughts to share with you:


is now in power, users want to talk, talk to micro-blog, want to see the novel to the novel station, want to write to the Baidu library, want to watch TV with Youku, so our site, how to save themselves, protect them? Some time ago I made a company the marketing plan, at the time of their company was very clear, I don’t want those old ways, what TV advertising, outdoor advertising what ah, he said, I think these visual stimulus benefits, good, but I hope that customers can reach solid demand, after I gave he recommended micro-blog marketing. Another way of marketing micro-blog marketing this but the two rise, although many people may realize his function, but also from a lot of speculation that micro-blog’s speculation benefits and reached the advertisement effect, for example: The Godfather of things, waves, Jocie Guo, Red Cross event, just know that donations, where there are many, only shows that users need to know these things behind the scenes too, as our webmaster too need a micro-blog to drive our webmaster


so we webmaster revolution from there started, I think for a long time, finally decided to start from the dev micro-blog started, and if only before the simple link, no more innovation, also fail to cooperate with micro-blog, so I saw a lot of friends, together with micro-blog to do a an open platform, made the day a number of stations, to improve the traffic, I am disgusted with this action, generally do not see this, selling clothes, shoes, and tired, wanted to add a few friends to share some of the things, these things came out, I will continue to remove them in the end, micro-blog, it is not my dish


what kind of micro-blog is the dish we webmaster? Should have the function and advantage of what? I want to function is not too much, as long as it can help us to promote, this is the dish we recently, then I think, can have a micro-blog theme is the name of our the website, then I discussed this thread, to improve website traffic, whether in a micro interview, specifically for our users to ask questions, whether to engage in a micro-blog Medal Award >

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