Specification for message addressing market brewing industry standards

"first introduced will be the five standard message addressing service including: General technical requirements, business requirements specification, system encoding rules and technical requirements, system interface and protocol requirements and business process requirements, the five standard has passed CCSA (China Communications Standards Association) review, after will be published by the Ministry of information industry." Yesterday, the Ministry of information industry and Telecommunications Research Institute experts told the "First Financial Daily" said.

The so-called

mobile information addressing technology is a new concept of development based on Internet domain name addressing technology, it realizes the Internet information services and mobile communication services bundled, mobile phone users only use SMS and WAP can realize the mobile information service.

in early 2005, the Federation, by China Mobile Telecommunications Research Institute, Ministry of information industry of China Mobile and China Unicom China jointly initiated the establishment of the China Mobile Communications Association SMNA Joint Information Center (MobNIC) began to develop SMS addressing standards and related management.

The Department of science and Technology Secretary

Wen Ku said that in 2006 China’s mobile SMS business volume has reached 429 billion 670 million. The growth rate of 41%, and this year is only the seven day of the new year, more than 15 billion of the total amount of mobile communication, so how to make business innovation with mobile operation business, data combining features is of great concern to the industry.

the Telecommunications Research Institute chief engineer Jiang Lintao said, currently has more than 400 million mobile phone users, SMS has become a habit of life, but also the content of mobile phone short message service is very limited by SMS, SMS addressing, consumer analysis machine this industry chain structure, information service providers and content providers (SP) (CP) and operators will benefit from the operator as an example, it is possible to make the message a 1/3 increase in about 400000000000.

it is because of the huge market space message addressing possible, so are a lot of enterprises pursued, including new Internet SMS Web site and Internet business, the world "Chinese switchboard business belong to this category, but because the service enterprises, their construction and operation of independent database, each enterprise the content is not consistent, it restricts the development of mobile information services addressing.

in response to this phenomenon, Wen library believes that standardization is the premise of large-scale industrialization, the premise and the key to the healthy development of the mobile information industry is a unified technical standards and unified database.

the Ministry of information industry, telecommunications administration development planning department director Wang Anping pointed out that due to the lack of unified and standardized management in the registration system and analytical standards, led to the development of mobile information addressing business areas is not harmonious, in order to solve this problem, we must rely on the standard access number, unified unified registration system, unified and effective analytical standard market management.

promotes the development of the industry standard of reason as soon as possible. Also in message addressing is China >

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