Nora 260 million ticket price 5 days overdue unpaid fines of nearly 40 million

Nora has not paid astronomical ticket.

reporter Xuan Hui photo

        Nora overdue 5 days did not pay a daily ticket price plus a fine of 3%

newspaper news (reporter Pan Bo) June 26th Nora ticket price issued, this money will ultimately paid by the parties concerned. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Shenzhen municipal market authority, as of yesterday Nora has not paid a fine of 260 million yuan. At present, more than 10 days to pay a fine of up to 5 days, plus a daily fine of 3%, Nora is currently facing fines to up to $300 million.

reporter yesterday from Nora Department confirmed that internal staff, some employees have currently Nora relevant departments for labor arbitration, in order to obtain compensation priority may arise in the bankruptcy liquidation; in addition, some employees have been diverted to our newly established Shenzhen cat company, but the company said it would "only recruit people". There is no possibility of the overall acquisition of nora.

daily late fee of 7 million 800 thousand yuan

June 26th, the Shenzhen market authority in Shenzhen, Nanshan District science and Technology Park Nora company headquarters issued its administrative penalty decision, a fine of 260 million yuan, the ticket takes effect immediately. According to relevant regulations, Nora company should pay a fine within 15 days, overdue payment, the daily fine of 3% plus a fine.

yesterday, the distance should be paid fines Nora deadline (July 10th) has been in the past 5 days, Nora fines paid? Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau official told reporters yesterday, Nora payable fines not paid, market supervision bureau will be in accordance with the relevant procedures in accordance with the law to the court for enforcement.

According to the 3%

of the amount of additional punishment, Nora daily late fee to reach 7 million 800 thousand yuan; as of yesterday, our only payment has accumulated nearly 40 million yuan, plus a fine of 260 million yuan after the current Nora face penalties of up to nearly 300 million yuan.

An internal staff

Nora told reporters that the company is headquartered in Shenzhen key management have all been evacuated to Beijing, do follow-up work further, the specific content is not clear, should the subsequent disposal of the employees and the company."

employees how to place


for the priority compensation for arbitration

news, inform the employees in the form of text messages broadcast last week, because the company was punished 260 million yuan may not be reversed, in order to ensure that the interests of employees, negotiated by each department colleagues, employees filed an arbitration proposal, to be a priority in the liquidation proceedings to pay compensation, and prompt staff with a good card, sign the arbitration authority.

260 million yuan ticket issued, many employees have left, there are some did not leave, waiting for the company placement." The above Nora insiders to this news

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