Scold scold scold The thrill of the remaining fingertips

        articles with links, open scold! The author succeeded in the article! The author failed! Don’t do, "! Begin to do a website, open to scold!

      show off make money, scold you install B! Say no money, say you stupid B! Exposure said 1000IP earn hundreds of dollars a day, scold dead! Said his tens of thousands of IP only a few hundred dollars a month, despise death!

      this is the webmaster network spectators, this is the webmaster nets are a group of people, in addition to their own, who also looked down upon whose roots, to tell the truth, really boring.

      kindergarten teacher taught us: "to be polite", the station network, the article does not read, first sentence: "rubbish, roll", when the woman said: "I want to be a responsible man", when people on the server "horse, delete, DDOS" is a more than and 20 year old young man, as it?

      others scold you, DDOS, you criticize others, called the freedom of speech, no matter how dirty words, just make out not to edit and delete delete, as long as open to scold, scold scold scold stationmaster net, straw, seal, called graph king, why don’t you call scold yourself?

      get a college degree certificate? English level Four? Have you ever had a seat on the bus? Donate money to the people in the disaster area? Enthusiastic to help those who need help? Picked up the wallet will be returned to the owner, see the wicked will not stand up? Have you ever asked your parents for your birthday?

      ask yourself there is no conscience, conscience, don’t scold, at the bottom of the hell with a layer of special shear tongues, originally designed for gossip set up units, perhaps after a few years there will be a lot of friends at once in the webmaster nets waiting to be cut tongue.

      today in the group to see someone said: "want to make the dead straw, let him do the site" how to do? You can do? If you want to invincible, how not to DDOS Baidu? Baidu is afraid of jail ah? Bully the weak and fear the strong!

      are young people, which is more than 30 years old? I am a programmer friends, almost 28, people now do a monthly salary of 8000, manager of the company level, replies only discuss technical problems, low-key life, study hard, the real strength of the people, learning things do not win, there is still time typing?

      to tell the truth, are the poor, most of the monthly salary of the network does not exceed 3000

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