How to conduct event marketing from the rumors of a donation of Ma

Sichuan earthquake in Wenchuan, shook the land of China, but also shook the hearts of the Chinese people a good heart! After the earthquake the people of the country in order to express their love has made contributions to the donation!

write this letter of post

to 20, the country received a total donation amount reached 13 billion 900 million yuan! The earthquake the major enterprises have donated at least tens of thousands, more than tens of millions ranging! On the Internet also formed a compare among enterprises with celebrity! Who donated much donated much! Be praised, give little feel and identity will not have been slammed by


as a leader in the Internet, Alibaba CEO Ma’s actions are no exception by the national attention!

but Ma has no news!

yesterday, in various forums to turn a post, said Ma donated a piece of money!


this post quickly aroused widespread discussion, which is not a large number of words of attack!

and then, Alibaba issued a statement: as of May 19th, Alibaba group for Wenchuan earthquake relief donations and fund-raising for 47 million 447 thousand yuan. Where the company and employees donated 5 million 947 thousand yuan, the company set up a post disaster reconstruction fund of $25 million, raising funds through Alibaba group platform 16 million 500 thousand yuan. Ma Yun learned that the evening of earthquake information that the whole group to rescue and recovery efforts, and in the evening that individual donations 1 million.

I use the event of an analysis, an event marketing analysis!! I have no intention of attacking any criticism, Ma Yun is the man I respect! Netizens also I respect people! I only do analysis of pure event here at


I think this is a very good chance to do a good job marketing event!

Ma events in which we can see that Ma was at least two times of great concern or concern for him has not stopped!

in advance, Ma Yun and Alibaba anonymous donations, there is no media interview is very low-key, leading to the majority of people concerned about the concern of the people of Ma Yun and he has a variety of misunderstanding and argument!

after the event, Ma said the truth of the matter, causing netizens respect for Ma!

we are now to make an idea, if Ma Yun and the Alibaba in donations began a donation ceremony held convened media, so I think Ma Yun and Alibaba have received attention only for the one or two days only, as Ma Yun’s low-key and lead users do not know the truth because of misunderstanding finally learned the truth of respect and he has been the media and netizens attention. The equivalent with the same pay but got bigger and better publicity! Through this donation event, Ma Yunwei Alibaba Zhuanzu photographed! Also earned enough attention! Look at me an example, I >

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