Promotion website one week effect

not long ago in the A5 see someone with a task to promote their release Witkey website, see to write well, so he wants to try, with their new start, in the pig on the release of a 50 yuan, (very stingy? No way, I was a poor student, a a week of living expenses. According to the theme of my website design a T-shirt, in order to give members. Fantasy can draw a lot of IP, huh, huh, huh, but the dream and reality is always a sky underground, I shot below, let us look at the cost of my life this week is not worth..


574 people click on the task I posted on the pig eight quit, but I really click on the web site in the task. How many are there?


task release 7 days, from pig eight quit bring IP is the 96.. Is really not as good as I did not spend a penny in Baidu know 3 minutes to answer the.. 50 yuan =96IP.. An average of about 13IP a day.. Can not completely say that, at least on the Internet more than a few outside the chain. Oh, so might as well buy 10 PR2 links. Of course, it may be my own reason, the task is complicated or unattractive.. But the price is not worth, ha ha. Want to promote your website in Witkey friends carefully planned, and action.

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