Jiang Likun shop and store to pay attention to database marketing

e-commerce is becoming more and more hot, personal shop, online shopping mall are looting this cake, especially the recent emergence of the group, but also exacerbated the degree of competition in the industry. How to in such a fierce competition, blaze a new trail? Especially for the individual shop and not very large mall, how to get Everfount orders? On these issues, in the past and we said a lot of conventional marketing methods, today and everybody said a relatively small non mainstream. The company is not common and easy to overlook the method is database marketing.

a, what is database marketing

The so-called

database marketing is the enterprise through the collection and accumulation of members or potential members (users or consumers) information, through analysis of the specific screening using email, SMS, telephone, mail and other means of maintaining customer relationship marketing and mining depth. It is a kind of new marketing method which is based on the establishment of one – to – one interactive communication relationship with customers, and relies on the huge customer information database to carry out the long – term promotion.

two, database marketing features

it is characterized by a precision, because we can finally do with the members of one to one communication.

two is cost-effective, the development of the cost of old customers, certainly a lot less than the development of new customers.

three is a hidden competition, such as cast online advertising, soft Wen marketing, marketing and other methods, anyone is visible, our competitors will see. But for database marketing, we don’t even know what we’re doing, except our own people.

four is personalized, we can for each user’s characteristics and different situations, targeted marketing.

five is the feedback rate. We are doing marketing, a headache is how to know what the user is thinking. The database marketing user feedback rate is very high, so that we can easily grasp the user’s psychology.

three, database marketing steps

the first step, the proposed user database

this step is very simple, for example, open shop friends, beginning as long as the establishment of a EXCEL OK, and then set up to record the project, such as gender, age, occupation, address, work, preferences, consumption habits, consumption etc.. Of course, for large companies, must be more complex, that is a special system.

second step, data collection.

After the establishment of the

database, is to start collecting data, improve the database. The main methods of data acquisition are as follows:

1, own user. For example, for the Taobao store, you have purchased products in the user, is your first batch of raw data. For example, the Internet forums, communities, etc., its own registered users, is the first batch of data. < >

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