The survey said China’s millions of government websites have been pornographic and other malicious w

"best Hongkong jockey", "how to buy the Liuhe color tema"…… Yesterday, in the Information Management School of Wuhan University, tutor of doctor of Shenyang office, the reporter saw in his presentation, some of the network, "psoriasis" actually "Pong" on the government website, the domain name as "".

"this is the dark chain attack."." Shenyang said, these direct browsing invisible text, in fact, is linked to a number of pornography, gambling, fraud, illegal goods, political content of the page." The web page in a total of 3350, implanted fraud information "dark chain" as many as 1240. Some educational websites have also become the target of attack, "the Hongkong Jockey Club – Liuhe color" and "on the" is recognized as one of the best universities. Mobile phone eavesdropping on a college of communication and Information Engineering College, Chengdu.

Shenyang made a statistics on the number of government websites in China "dark chain attack" situation: About 30000000 Chinese government website, is a malicious web site "dark chain" of up to 10.22%; among them, fraud information, pornography, gambling information "up, up to 3 million 80 thousand, accounting for 10.13%.

Shenyang introduction, the government website, education website has a high credibility, the network psoriasis posted on these sites, can greatly enhance the ranking in the search engine. The reporter entered the mobile phone bug found in Baidu, ranked sixth in the "Pong" on an organized by the Jiangsu City Health Bureau website. Reporters in Google enter the Liuhe color, found in the ninth place on the side of the Shanghai, a "985 Project" and "the 211 Project" College of international education website.

enter someone’s home "living room" posted ads, "key" is how to get? Shenyang, is hidden, malicious hackers can modify the page, can not say which day a website make only superficial changes. Some hackers "moving" after the "key" to copy many, the server permissions everywhere sell, sell one may only 50 yuan, but sell thousands of tens of thousands, income is very considerable".

According to reports, at present, many of our security software can not detect the dark chain, such as the security of the security door, hackers according to

. According to reports, a college admissions website in the North was malicious attacks, hackers forged a so-called admission information, dark chain on the site, to defraud the parents of money; many parents can not be identified, and thus deceived.

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