Trojan empire collapsed 15 defendants tried

from the production, sales, the spread of computer virus to hacking, computer information system is a huge "Trojan Empire" within a year into tens of thousands of users, profit of about 2 million yuan. Recently, the case of damage to computer information systems by the Yangzhou District of Guangling city procuratorate prosecution trial, Chu and other 15 defendants with the court.

prosecution review identified: August 2007 to July 2008, Chu hired Zhou, song et al design and development for more than 20 kinds of Trojans to steal online game account information, and give the network called "Bole" Xiamou sales. Xiamou specializes in hacking through the network to underwriting business Wu, Wu Zhan "flow" by the Trojans in the network of large area spread, in order to obtain the game player’s account and password. Wu together with Momou who use the username and password to login to the game, game player of the game currency, cleaning equipment and other virtual property, profits in online sales, the other part is reselling.

believes that the procuratorial organs, Chu, Zhou, Xiamou, song et al intentional production and sales and spread of computer viruses and other destructive procedures, affecting the normal operation of the computer system, Wu, Momou who violate the provisions of the state, the computer information system in storage, processing of data and applications to delete, serious consequences that constituted the crime of destroying computer information system.

at the trial site, the reporter saw a total of 11 lawyers appear in court to defend. Due to the complexity of the case, the trial lasted 2 days, the court will choose a sentencing.

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