The transition from military to military forum Tiexue the electricity supplier to see

last week announced that the about 39000000 light in Tiexue set by the fourth round, only a month ago, light jointly funded and set up film company, in such a short period of two overweight predator technology, this seems to show a promising prospect for military IP light.

in many circles, the science and technology under the "Tiexue" is a famous brand, has become a comprehensive platform to provide vertical portals, online reading, electronic commerce, independent brand clothing and other products.

was founded in 2004 by science and technology, in November last year listed on the new board, then the valuation will increase the price of 416 million yuan, while it is in the first half of an increase of 4 times, calculate the shares in light media now, the current valuation is 780 million yuan.

military class IP how much fire?

"that the rabbit that thing" founder Ma snake released to the media, they won the BiliBili barrage network (hereinafter referred to as the B station) 20 million yuan investment.

In the "

Wu a face" WeChat public number of fans within a year from 0 to 1 million across, in the new list from the March WeChat public number 500, military planes times ranked 191st among all the micro signal, the Encyclopedia of second.

November 6, 2015, Tiexue officially listed on the new board, the valuation soared from 470 million to 800 million. At the same time, "Snow Leopard", "second hand", "code", "wolf" is called the sparrow and other films and TV story, but also from the original predator community network novel, the current reserves of more than 6 thousand novels ip.

The development of

on Tiexue.

2001, the 17 year old Jiang Lei freshman at Tsinghua University, founded the Tiexue, is the founder of one of the earliest large-scale network community. As early as in the early days, the network that captures the potential for the development of the network literature market. The reading is the cradle of the original military network literature, gave birth to the "pioneer" Special Warfare ("Snow Leopard", "penetration", the original) "second hand" and a number of popular network literary works.

early Tiexue profit model mainly relies on advertising revenue, with many users, the network began to seek commercial. Jiang Lei believes that the vertical community should also be richer ways to realize the income, so Jiang Lei decided to explore the community and the electricity supplier combined business model. In 2008, the military science and technology established the first domestic electricity supplier website – Jagged Jun character.

Jiang Lei said: at the beginning of the company focused on doing business at the beginning of the community, are not too concerned about the external business model. Later, the community is more and more big, does not have sufficient funds to maintain the website development, before considering commercial iron."

2011, Jiang Lei decided to establish its own brand tactics and the formation of Longya tactics, community research user needs, self >

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