Domestic nternet Co year end bonus reflects the pain of transition of wits


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HUAWEI year-end awards issued 12 billion 500 million yuan, according to the number of its employees (2011), the annual average of about $85 thousand per year award (146 thousand). This news once again detonated everyone’s attention to the technology company’s year-end awards.

Tencent, China’s highest market capitalization of the Internet Co, of course, the first to bear the brunt of: LOL (hero League) team of employees of the game the highest year-end bonus to get 60 months of wages. Alibaba is a staff called deep pockets, the history of the most lucrative year-end red".

but Baidu employees are not so lucky: due to the weakness of traditional PC search business, performance growth slowed, year-end awards also shrunk by 30%. NetEase portal simply canceled the year-end awards.

is in the transition period of PC to the mobile Internet, "behind a few happy tears" year-end bonus is the battle of wits, reflected the pain of transition technology companies.

Alibaba: Director level end of the year 150 thousand red start

do not know when the end of the year award into the electricity business, can not say the secret". But Ali group in the official micro-blog "roar", announced this year to the staff members the history of the most lucrative year-end gifts: "a year-end bonus enough? 13 salary enough? Ali group all: now go to the company network Carnival quiz, accurate answer to all the questions, you can get the company prepared for everyone" Alipay red "!……"

in Ali group, at the end of the special red is called a "surprise" – only in the company to achieve special results in the year there will be. After 2010, because of outstanding performance, the Alibaba in early 2011 to all employees had issued a special red, when many Ali micro-blog employees wonder the amount of red is "awesome". To brush these days micro-blog, Ali for various "organization", and even the staff said this is the best New Year gift, I do not know is that red symbol or to the specific amount? All of this seems to have a sense of yesterday.

Ma Yun in the internal mail that red envelopes intention: "in 2012 we had a lot of surprise, YAHOO share repurchase," double eleven "highlights, one trillion online shopping sales breakthrough etc.. We have also experienced a lot of difficult challenges, such as the delisting of B2B company in Hongkong, the rapid changes in the organization, the rapid adjustment of the 25 division, etc.. This year a lot of things will be remarkable in the history of the development of ali. So, this year we have reason to send a red envelope! "

in accordance with the provisions of the Alibaba’s "red envelopes" distribution principle and the "13 pay", is for everyone; but the amount according to the employee in the year long Alibaba contribution and to encourage lasting long-term development in the company. Ma Yun believes that the bonus is not welfare, it is impossible for everyone to have, it can not be the same as everyone else, "award"

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