Behind where privatization cut cost growth narrowed bleeding and blood transfusion in parallel

yesterday, where to reach the final merger agreement on the privatization of the transaction, agreed to be Ocean Management Co., Ltd. (Ocean Management Holdings) acquisition, where the equity valuation of about $4 billion 440 million. After the completion of the transaction, Ocean Management Limited, Ctrip and other shareholders of Rollover will become the company’s beneficial owner. The transaction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2017.

this point in time, the distance between Ctrip announced a deal with Baidu to achieve equity replacement, almost exactly a year’s time.

last October 26th, Ctrip announced an equity swap deal with Baidu. Baidu will be completed prior to the completion of this transaction where the 178702519 shares of the network where a class of ordinary shares and shares where to go to the replacement of the ordinary shares of B shares into ordinary shares of the 11488381 shares of ctrip. After the completion of the transaction, Baidu will have Ctrip ordinary shares can represent about 25% of Ctrip’s total voting rights, Ctrip will have about 45% of the total voting right.

for the development of enterprises, the merger is a double-edged sword. The boss with the second, some to dominate the political arena, but some in the losing competitor, is new pick off guard. In addition, the integration and re positioning between the two internal teams, is also a crucial issue, the merger is not the end, but the beginning.

from Ctrip’s point of view, the purpose of the acquisition was realized basically, the elimination of a strong opponent, slowing revenue growth and profitability after the acquisition to cover the return of A shares have a good operation object. Also in the fight against big Xinmei do not have, by their own stand in the front line.

but in terms of where to go, the past year was a year of blood, the management of collective home and the next middle and senior shake up, to where the development brings uncertainty, unable to face performance and the changes of aviation enterprises have a certain relationship. The two pillars of the plate, air tickets and hotel business in the past year have been hit, huge losses still. The good news is that losses and costs are narrowing.

rapid exchange transfusion

as the merged party, personnel changes and blood transfusion can not be avoided.

Compared to

and other enterprise mergers and acquisitions, where in exchange transfusion faster, more efforts are also determined, this also let go where the integration to promote faster, but the loss of staff and make changes also where in the past year in the face of the changing market situation and some weakness.

announced in the stock exchange agreement at the same time, where the board was reorganized in four, Ctrip executives Ctrip chairman of the board and chief executive officer Liang Jianzhang and co president and chief operating officer Sun Jie, will be appointed to the board of directors.

less than 3 months after the time, where to go to the board of directors and a reorganization of the network, the new board will be reduced from the original five to nine, the new board by the board of directors

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