Overseas Chinese users in the next nternet TV outlet

confirms the industry had predicted, in the past 2016, China Internet TV market ushered in a stable growth: in 2016 Q4 IHS global TV shipment data report, China Internet TV market from 2015 68.6% global shipments accounted for up to 84.7% in 2016, and the first fold over Europe and the United States; and from the size of the market, in 2016 the global new TV consumption from 80% China — Visible: Chinese conclusion is the biggest strength of TV consumption.

however, if the level of sense of "Chinese dismantling" two words from the meaning of cultural identity, then in the China outside of their home market, a large group of users have long been neglected: Overseas Chinese market.

as you know, after the reform and opening up, because of various reasons many people waved goodbye to my country, to seek development in a foreign country. Today, more than about 60000000 Chinese scattered around the world. In the foreseeable future, an increasingly open historical process will allow this "going out" to speed up the pace.

, however, is like a "tongue on Chinese" enlarge overseas Chinese "Chinese stomach" complex, the cultural identity of the centripetal force will tend to pull the aesthetic homeland and overseas Chinese to China local TV content attachment is very strong. This means that they can become a powerful extension of China’s Internet TV and entertainment consumption power.

the power of this extension is also being cherished, but also the birth of the gospel of overseas chinese. In January 18th, the Internet has just announced that the activated terminal exceeded 20 million of the cool open to the media’s Chinese senwell video platform Lingcod TV in Singapore issued a global Chinese version of cool open system, through further expand overseas copyright content formally enter the overseas Chinese market. Earlier coocaa chairman Wang Zhiguo had said, "cool open open degree content system" is not marginal, so when the cool open at the press conference also announced that it will start to build the earth Chinese circle "plan, it is also a continuation of the cool open gather quality content providers, provide rich content for the original user.

and this is the benefit of those who take root overseas Chinese users.

the Internet is gradually fuzzy intuition, human made the border, to make the world a "flat" incapable of further increase – these words is largely correct, but specific to the field of Internet TV, due to some limitations of video platform, overseas Chinese to watch Chinese content widespread content scarce, updated slowly and playing Caton pain point.

and the supply side, needless to say, the influx of capital in recent years for domestic entertainment market continued unpopular, such as Chinese film and television production of the world; at the box office is expected in 2018 will also ranked first; those who have IP quality health programs is even more popular, but domestic prosperous but with the overseas entertainment feast the user pain points in contrast, if you admit that the next ten years of Chinese culture (the culture more than television).

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