Webmaster network broadcast Ali high profile push from the nternet giant into the bank


1 Alibaba released a new version of social software, said WeChat is rich in the two generation

September 23rd news, Alibaba group today launched a new generation of 4 versions of instant messaging software". This is the first time after the establishment of Alibaba network communications division of product upgrades debut.

September 10th, Alibaba restructuring of the organization, announced the establishment of the network communications division, from the Wang letter and from the composition of the group CEO Lu Zhaoxi personally responsible.

it is understood that the exchange is Ali launched in April 2012, instant messaging software, Ali is also the first independent electricity supplier business networking products, its core function is to achieve social acquaintances, establish communication, exchange and sharing platform between a social acquaintance.

2.UC browser was bought: Analysys report denounced the anti fire security Tencent

last week, after the merger of Tencent shares Sogou, Sogou and soso in the domestic search market share will increase to about 14%, close to 360 share ranked second, 18%. Three days later, Zhou Hongyi quickly army stormed through the 360 security guards, began to "ban" sogou. 360 official and issued a statement saying, Sogou input method to induce the user to bind the behavior of Sogou browser, so the risk to the user tips is completely reasonable and legitimate."

almost at the same time, the same and Tencent, another battle started in the field of mobile phone browser. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, the domestic consulting firm Analysys International released the July 2013 mobile phone browser data show that in the "coverage" and "practical total length" two indicators, the Tencent’s mobile phone QQ browser over the superior technology of UC browser.

3 Jingdong, Baidu intends to set up a small loan company in Shanghai

Internet companies began to assemble into banking, but the Jingdong, Baidu is a step faster, the reporter learned from informed sources, the two companies are planning to set up a solid microfinance company in Shanghai, has submitted the relevant application to the Shanghai financial services office, and has received preliminary approval.

4 from the origin, swing, the relationship with ALI

tiger sniffing note: today (September 23rd) morning, Alibaba Group officially released IM mobile phone products. This is the Alibaba group announced the newly established network communication department, the first foreign official debut of the group’s core project.

According to Alibaba

group network communications division and director Zou Mengrui, and from Taobao, Alipay import friends. The reason to do so, is not in order to quickly increase the user will not be consistent with the positioning of the product users.

5, 360 is not anti Sogou marriage into enemies or resort to legal

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