How to borrow from the psychological tactics to win your target consumers


if you ask me what is there in today’s marketing more effective way, I will tell you to ponder your target consumer psychology. Because by then try to figure out the target consumer psychology psychological tactics is the fastest and most effective means of attracting consumers. So what kinds of specific psychological tactics? Psychological tactics following the author briefly several share what they have learnt in the marketing activities of the brand.

: a step back, as boundless as the sea and sky

I give you one of our life It is quite common for example, for example, one day you are not a very good friend suddenly want to buy a motorcycle because not enough money, so that you want to find a friend to borrow 5000 dollars, because you two are not very good friends, at this time you may be debating whether or not to lend money to this is a friend. This time the friends see you hesitate, so I took a step back and said: since you have not so much money, I also feel shy to borrow so much money, could you lend me 1000 yuan to buy a bike, I casually. It must be that if you don’t have a lot of money, you should agree. The reason is that a friend has made a compromise in money, this compromise makes you guilty if we refuse to psychology, and in this kind of comparison between 5000 and 1000 of the cases, you will have the illusion that by 1000 is not much, although this may be for you is not a small sum the number of


known as "one step as boundless as the sea and sky" psychological tactics applied to marketing is very useful, when we are with our customers in a product bargain, make certain concessions compromise in some respects your consumers will be more difficult for you to say no, these consumers will even remember you give, you become a loyal consumer.

two: take short hand, eat zuiruan


this psychological tactics the longest see thing in the supermarket, we in the supermarket, often can see some sample points, normally we would try holding the attitude to try, founder also need not pay, but when we try to produce finished products, you will feel if you do not make a point of action a little heart feel shy, will have to buy the question, even if it is not a commodity you need now, even the heart will some people start looking for reasons to convince myself to buy this product. Perhaps this is the saying goes, people take short hand, eat zuiruan mentality. Although we initially just try holding the attitude, but after the seller received some petty will greatly enhance our chances to buy.

with the development of economy, the relationship between people in our society may become more and more indifferent, but in such a cold environment, although a small amount of small gifts can be enlarged. When consumers get your benefits, it tends to produce a return to the psychology of me

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