Grand cloud Pu and the establishment of preferential prices break the industry threshold

how to build? An experienced webmaster will tell you: the first lease server, build the station environment, and then set up security, and finally install the station program. The first step is to go back to the procedure. Sheng Dayun recently launched a new product site cloud, it is completely removed from the tedious work. Among them, the economic package of the current price is very amazing, only 1497 yuan package, is the lowest price of other similar products package price of $3.

for the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster, the establishment and maintenance of a lot of time and effort is a painful process. Compared with the traditional cloud server model, which itself has a rental, flexible expansion, on-demand pay, data security, high efficiency, low cost advantage. The web site is not only focused on the advantages of cloud hosting, but also by many years of experience with the official engineer of the host server for professional optimization, higher performance, more stable. At the same time, the site has been configured to run a good site PHP and Mysql environment, and preloaded with the mainstream software programs, such as PHPCMS, DISCUZ, Phpwind, etc., so that the user a key installation, lightning site.

It is reported that the website

, cloud development team and PHPCMS team, this is a website with rich service experience veteran team, they hope to be able to set up 7 anniversary, so that everyone has the opportunity to easily have their own website. 130 yuan a month, a year of $1497 economic package, for small Adsense is completely enough. Monthly fee and a IMAX movie about the price, by contrast, have their own website of course more memorable."

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, even people who do not understand technology, you can easily build. In the family birthday and other important days, for life’s most memorable person to offer a website, perhaps also a very creative gift.

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