Ali mother first phase of the college enrollment

from July 27th to 31, the cool beautiful West Lake, Ali mother college will net webmaster webmaster! King of the laggards, refusing to swim fish, station A Fei, Guo Jijun, and the wide in each industry site leader has become the first batch of students, the Alibaba high-level group will visit the school, training course system the Internet, for the student management and capital and a series of


grasp the Internet development pulse latest, explore the network to make money Cheats! Do you want to be one of them? Wide network hero, together with the mountain west, pointing out future


note: training, accommodation, travel expenses will be borne by Hangzhou Ali mother


now has the last place! Can you catch it? If you are strong, welcome to sign up!


, the audition stage (July 4th – 13)

1, released entry:

1) released the articles in the money exchange version, titled [] + Title

Mountain West

2) the article topics include but are not limited to the following aspects:

‘s understanding of Internet hotspots (e.g. SNS, Web2.0)

small profit and development

innovation of the current operating site

2, registration, after the release of the entry, be sure to register in this post, the format is as follows:

site name

web site:

campaign advantage:

ID: (want to contact please stay online)

entries address:

original articles:

two, primaries (July 14th ~ 15)

Ali mother community management team for the primaries, the top ten contestants, the selection criteria:

1, all entries must be original, and since the start of the event, in the first episode of Ali mother;

2, with clear thinking, rigorous analysis, smooth writing is better, the

having substance in speech

3, in a unique way, moisten things silently, no advertising traces.

three, voting stage (July ~ 16 ~ 20)

vote is divided into two parts, members of the vote and the judges vote, where members vote weight of 40%, the judges vote accounted for 60%.

vote ranking and scores are as follows: first, the product 10 points second 9 points, third 8 points,

and so on

final score for the sum of two kinds of scores, such as members of the vote for the third, a total of 8 points, the judges vote for the, a total of 9 points, the player’s final score of 8× 0.4+9&t>

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