How many pages are printed on the web site of fifth of global traffic

7471 book, page 5244111.

these two figures are the answer to the question of the New York artist Michael Mandiberg, the global flow of fifth of the site refers to the Wikipedia. For many people who did not develop good reading habits, these two may be astronomical, it is difficult to spend a lifetime energy.

Michael Mandiberg Wikipedia will try to print out the 11 million 500 thousand above English entries, he spent three years editing and classification, finally formed an art project — Printed Wikipedia.

Printed Wikipedia is on display at the Danny Gallery in New York this weekend. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to witness the process of uploading and printing the paper version of Wikipedia. Michael Mandiberg will continue to upload the books to the file compression file website, upload time is about 11 to 14 days.


interestingly, Michael Mandiberg believes that the attempt to print Wikipedia into a paper book is "futile."". Because Wikipedia is based on the Internet crowdsourcing knowledge base, millions of people around the world are constantly updating the content inside. The printed version in the moment of birth may be eliminated, worthy of the name "both alive and dead, but still insist on Mandiberg Printed Wikipedia this project is meaningful, at least in the art level.

seems to be in Michael Mandiberg, Printed Wikipedia is a massive accumulation of human knowledge of a real visual display, reminding us to maintain the fear of knowledge.


at the end of the exhibition, Mandiberg and Vine shared two points he learned from the Printed Wikipedia project on the knowledge thing:

printing is dead, but people still care about books. A lot of people who come to the gallery to see the show are brought up from an early age. Knowledge is very important to them.

books are ideal for measuring knowledge". When information exists in digital bit form, it is difficult for us to have a concept of what time to completion of a knowledge system. The form of the book allows us to have a concrete understanding of how long it will take to finish reading a book.

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