How to increase the meaningful traffic

      a very important job of online marketing, how to build as much as possible to our page links on our internet. This kind of link is more, more traffic. But what kind of access does it really mean to us? If a group is keen to play the game or care about what Rouge boys and girls, we visit this website is not much significance. Target customers or potential customers access is the pursuit of our efforts, is what we call a meaningful visit.

      meaningful access mainly comes from two aspects,

      search engine


links to related sites

      on the first source, we always insist that it is the top priority in online marketing! For details, please refer to our website. Here we focus on second sources, and avoid the topic of online advertising.

      first, we have to look carefully at our target customers who are, they are concerned about what the problem is, what types of sites they may visit. The research of this kind of website, filters out the competitor’s website, does not have the very big value website, the flow very small website. The rest of the filter is that we are willing to establish the website, pointing to our page links place.

      we focus on the problem of how to in the "good" website, we hope to establish meaningful links. They will not only bring us a steady stream of meaningful visits, but also an increase in their traffic will increase our traffic. A good opportunity to force it, this is the most important work of our online marketing.

      some people will say: "Hey, I contacted many people, hope to build mutual links with them, but didn’t work." We are here to say, you can not simply send an e-mail to sb, you want to say and he / she established links to each other. You have to pay attention to the correct technique.

      your email can not be too ordinary, too ordinary, have a strong personal information and personalized color.

      let’s give an example.

      "Mr. Zhang San, I visited your website. In your website, I noticed that you recommend the site is a good site, and your site, they also provide a lot of valuable information to visitors… Please allow me to introduce you to our site

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