Through the operation of the a tag to see how the nternet operators to think independently

Li Gen students say a thing with you oh, the premise company has a certain number of fans and the content is also good, the public platform to push WeChat group on the official website of reading several articles through 100000+, straight up IP and PV, the weight of the search engine is not to rise.

most people will feel after listening to it, the company really, so I put the question to the operator, we are so full, you look a few days to see the effect, then people would say this successful case on the outside, people do, this case imitated Buddha just do it yourself, then the audience may copy the words without thinking to say to others, others who meet the eye everywhere.


just said the search engine weight thing, a little bit of independent thinking of the Internet people will go to the owners of the house to check what is the official website of the weight, and then to search relevant information search engine, Baidu, Sogou, 360 a few can not, if the relevant data can explain the problem will also pick up, like him as a successful case to spread.

for the above statement, Li Gen students do the following thinking:

100000+ is 1, the amount of reading the official website of the article, the article published in time, most of the background editor can be manually adjust the number of reading, this is probably a small set to improve a method of activity.

2, the public number should be just a channel, there must be other channels to go back to the official website.

3, since the mention of the number of people to do the push to make the official website of the official website of the article reading volume rose, it should be the number of public figure inside the reading amount is also very impressive, the amount of praise should also be good.

Push is only a form of graphic

4, public number? In addition to hyperlinks in the (certification service number or the original label number of the public have this function) and the bottom of the reading of the text, and you can jump directly links to the local


yes, of course,

that is the a tag, the surface of the blue text, is a page content can be rendered elegant gadgets, but also a simple to no longer simple code.

looks like this should be the programmer thing ah, do not belong to the products and operations, write code to work you said I will not ah, if such a simple thing is not willing to try to grow farther and farther away from you.

this time, let Li Gen students to operate the operation of the a tag to explain how the Internet operators who think independently.

, a big furnace was piercing eye

mobile Internet today and tomorrow is not the same, today’s idea on tomorrow may be out of date, outstanding performance in the company’s main business scope of serious homogenization, all the contents of the public number output will be able to see it, "

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