Three kinds of mode and the profit level of WeChat sellers circle of friends

WeChat users more and more, and WeChat marketing micro business this concept has begun to rise and fall. Fast tiger believes that WeChat is indeed an opportunity for entrepreneurs, and WeChat has several entrepreneurial direction.

but today I just said something that WeChat sellers circle of friends.

first, in the end sellers circle of friends can make money fast? That tiger, at least ninety-nine percent people is not making money. There are one percent people, there are at least ninety-nine percent earn money, only a maximum of one percent people in the one percent is able to earn more than the average wage.

, of course, there are people can obtain enormous gains in the sellers circle of friends in WeChat.

through my observation, I summed up to sell cosmetics in the circle of friends, WeChat clothing, shoes can make money people have the following three kinds of people (we only say is WeChat sellers circle of friends money mode, does not contain such as public number, the regular WeChat store, WeChat application mode):

(1) good interpersonal relationship can make a little money


previously said, one percent people can make money, but the one percent is ninety-nine percent earn money. These ninety-nine percent are these people.

this kind of person’s interpersonal relationship is really good, but also more diligent, honest, the friend is willing to believe him, and the commodity is also good. This kind of person is fast tiger appreciation is also advocated. They often do not understand the technology, but also do not understand the Internet, do not understand the network marketing, but their relationship is good, trustworthy, and some of the goods is also good, so they can earn money, they tend to be part-time white-collar workers or students in his circle of friends in real sellers, no other things out of order.

but because they don’t understand the network marketing and technology, so that the ceiling is very low, their circle of friends and social and will not have a big growth, customers always only their own social circle, there are at most a few friends of the other friends, will not have too big magnitude.

of course, this kind of crowd itself is not put this thing as a career to do, is part-time, or earn extra money, and some even with interest. So they don’t want to get too complicated. I think this is also very good. Not too much time delay, but also earn extra money, the experience of entrepreneurship, reasonable legal and moral. But the tigers want to remind this kind of people, be sure to stay away from MLM agency model. Should the commodity should also find a regular, at least there is a kind of company, or they may become MLM harm to others.

(2) professional marketing account moderately profitable

this kind of people is relatively small, they can do a lot of money on WeChat e-commerce. Some company operation. Have a certain technology, data, but also understand the network marketing.

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