Network Daren makeup to swallow 8 pounds of rice directly into the marketing of a live depression

China online live market data

as of June 2016, the network reached 325 million users, accounting for the overall Internet users of 45.8%. Live chat live and game live in the capital under the impetus of the rapid development, the proportion of Internet users using these two categories were 19.2% and 16.5%. The live audience was 13.3%. VR technology can effectively enhance the audience experience, the future will play a role in promoting the development of live concert.


2015 Chinese online broadcast platform number close to 200, of which the network broadcast of the market size of about 9 billion, large peak daily broadcast platform while online number is close to 4 million, while the number of live room more than 3000.

cumulative distribution of downloads from the mobile broadcast platform, YY to 24.4% of the highest ranking in the number of live webcast platform. The fish grow rapidly, accounted for 14.9% of the top second. The fish was established in 2014, just two years in the domestic network broadcast platform in second place, development is very rapid, in March 2016, the Tencent to inject $100 million, gradually from live to the sports game fish, arts, entertainment, outdoor live content expansion.


Live to eat 8 pounds of dense Zijun Wuchang white Steamed Rice rise of

network red economy

with the rise of the network economy and the red tide, a lot of brands, the platform to " net red live " as a breakthrough for a new round of live marketing exploration, opened a new model of live broadcast. L’OREAL from the United States took the # zero after Cannes # Series 2 hours to live, Maybelline invited Angelababy to do live broadcast platform has successfully attracted the attention of advertisers.

August 2nd, the webcast Master " big Wang Jun Mizi " Alibaba in the park site with practical action to prove what is " ", in the spirit of chowhound; not any dishes from eventually eat 8 pounds of big Steamed Rice wuchang.



live broadcast, Taobao live Betta onlookers total number exceeded 400 thousand. # beauty of Chongqing to eat 8 pounds of Steamed Rice # micro-blog became a hot topic, the topic has a total of 45 million 485 thousand of the amount of reading, discussion of up to 2998 times. If that is the secret let Zijun Wuchang rice burst of red, and then look at another set of data. Within a week, the key words " " the total amount of media coverage in August 3rd (second days after the live broadcast) reached the peak, the same day reported by the media for the 5438 time, the report is more than ten times the normal day.



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