Enterprises do network marketing matters needing attention

first do not send people to send hard advertising, this kind of advertising is like psoriasis posted on the street, not only the effect is not good, it will reduce the grade of the enterprise, a waste of manpower and material resources.

to determine the main network marketing own, a method of cooked through before they can drive another platform, if to do a lot of platform, which can be done, suggestions just lifting network marketing business from the beginning of forum marketing, write a soft, multi-channel release in business a place to find someone with answering questions, establish a professional image, will gradually show the effect of.

companies do not have their own forum, you can find a QQ, the use of space, with a variety of channels to push this space, because the space is not a bit better than the show site forum.

small enterprises want to have a breakthrough in the network marketing, as business owners must participate in network training, not to learn technology, but to know the way, so that we can find what kind of person, also know what the benefits of better channels.

enterprise network marketing professionals that don’t listen to what he says, let him out of past performance, to seriously study, according to the company’s products to let him come up with a marketing plan and before hiring, only his scheme was reliable, can give you the marketing well, if you just look at his resume do the network marketing, recruited into the company, not only do not score, will let the boss lose to the network marketing confidence, psychological shadow.

recruitment of marketing personnel is difficult, often need to develop, but the network marketing personnel if this person is not lazy, you can use, poor execution can not be used, if diligent, even if he is slightly level is poor, but also can cultivate good.

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