127th Jingdong help me dig out the precise and valuable users

although, today is Saturday, we all rest time.

and I can’t, I have to work for my VIP members have to share some dry cargo.

today, I share a black only millet VIP members can enjoy the benefits of dry cargo and everyone.

we VIP members every Saturday night, must be together through YY chat,

at the same time, I want to share with you something of value,

and VIP students, you can also learn new ways to share with others.

such benefits, is able to find a number of people from the media and micro business, the collision of the more cattle X sparks,

the value of this VIP group, you should know!

in order to allow everyone to harvest something, I’m here tonight, or to share a small idea,


is thinking, I don’t speak too much detail, not a long and minute statement.

I’m here to say only one key: through the Jingdong, dig out the precise and valuable user!

words do not say, I directly on the picture, if you understand, you will understand that the value of this, of course, if you do not understand, it really can not!


above the picture, not much value, right.


this picture value is not big, but the number of the following picture, there is no value? You think about it!


next to the more powerful is the user of this comment, by looking at his space you can see what I see the last picture:


did you see that? What kind of user is this user? As a micro dealer, do you know that he is valuable and



let me tell you, the user is just one of them. He bought a mobile phone number, bought a Iphone6, and then is the red wine, watches, Durex and so on, is not a "Hao" I don’t know, but I only know that I was I could let him become the user, would be easier.

so how can I make him my user? He has a cell phone number. What’s that? I don’t know….

but I will tell you that his cell phone number, there is a phone number within the range of the above screenshot, what is the specific number, I do not know!

here, you understand?

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