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usually when we do network promotion may be emotion, Baidu care for their own products. In particular, Baidu know and stick it, literally search a keyword, you can see the two figure. SEOer can only have a lot of emotion but it’s fighting. Through the observation can be found, now the situation of the Baidu home page ranking, but Baidu promotion 10 outside, the rest of the Baidu’s own products take up a 2-3 position, or some major blog right or news sites occupied about 3 positions, and there is some famous brand home also occupied. The remainder is particularly good or better compared the old site stand,. This home page ten position basically No. The following in Baidu search notebook computer, for example, in the Baidu search home page we can see that the word is definitely a hot word, the number of search pages reached 77500000. In front of the auction there are 8, are large manufacturers strength faction. WOW! It’s really hot. We look at the rest of the natural ranking, you can see Baidu’s own products have 3, one is Baidu encyclopedia, one is Baidu and Baidu pictures ah. However, I am very strange that there are actually more than eBay Baidu old qualifications of the row before the ZOL accounted for 2, and the rest are and other large sites, so that the average site is basically no way to compete.

all of the above is that Baidu how to pay attention to your products, you can try to search other laptop related keywords, certainly a lot of Baidu know, so we can see that Baidu know the effectiveness and possibility of extension. To use resources and energy in the most critical parts, ha ha, no nonsense, the following is to do what Baidu know.

first, prepare some account, I am here to put it into three categories, one is questioning account, the second is the placard account, the third is the best answer account. As the name suggests, the question is to ask questions of account account account, thread is responsible for fire up popularity, or was it a full answer account, the best answer is to give the best answer.

second, to elaborate their own list of keywords, and use these words to ask questions, pay attention! Questions to highlight key words, as in written title attribute! Also to write more close new natural, logical, so it won’t be BD deleted.

third, with the placard accounts to answer questions, note that the best answer question for a IP, you can use the form, some people say that is very troublesome, it can be the first to arrange a day to ask questions, with second days to answer, at the same time it is best not to answer more than three questions, reasons I want to.

fourth, give the best answer, and leave the url. We all know that Baidu has an important purpose is to do the promotion of the chain, but a little more difficult. Here to say that the site can be left to their own web site address, you can also leave other, such as Baidu’s own products, you can do their own chain >

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