Practical experience on website optimization

a website optimization summary

(1) site optimization is carried out by the search engine, and now the site is still the most important point of Optimization: user experience. For example: two identical sites, in terms of layout, page, content treatment, users are more likely to accept to do a better site.

(2) search for the purpose of Internet users. There is a flow through the search to the site, is to find their own needs, not to see some irrelevant information.

(3): Website Optimization Website optimization purpose is not only to make the search by more satisfied, when the user clicks on the website, with medical sites, patients to know their site is a symptom, probably want to know is the cost of treatment and the curative effect of these. Can focus on clear!

(4) using the HTML website optimization of nofollow tags, nofollow tags used many times can well make the column weight, so that the individual page does not have the weight transfer, for example: wonderful topics, Wuhan Tian An hospital contact us these columns.

station optimization summary

station optimization involves code optimization and website content optimization, web site to establish a good site map can be more conducive to crawling spider. At present, the station for the optimization of medical article writing has always adhered to the user’s point of view, to avoid duplication of the contents of the article too much, should be compared to other web content more readable and marketing in writing.

in the chain: the effective control of the number of internal links, links to the relevance of the object to be high, to the relative importance of the internal chain.

competitor analysis:

analysis of the competition inside and outside the chain chain, analyzes the Wuhan Guoyitang website found, Wuhan Yi Tang in the content and the chain are doing very well, the chain can go to collect him to do. Web site included and the chain analysis, do SEO sometimes the most important thing is to do a little better than the competitors, although now just started to do, but need to do better.

on some of the keywords search heat can also be optimized in the direction of a control, the current medical site is mainly based on treatment, treatment based.

outside the station optimization

(1) at the station optimization junk the chain had little effect, but there is still the role of the chain, the optimization for Baidu, Baidu products for the chain, for example: Baidu experience, Baidu library, Baidu encyclopedia, Encyclopedia etc.. There are a number of sites such as A5, webmaster forum submissions. A good soft Wen can often get a lot of people.

(2) friends of the site to exchange the current site of the chain exchange is stable, site web site in the first place, PR=1 and other conditions. The website of Wuhan Cheonan hospital.

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