How to chew the micro blog marketing this candy


Many companies from the

in "micro-blog", it will be all the heart into the new things in the social media era, and even some enterprises deeply love it, all their enthusiasm will take it from burning their world because of a "micro-blog" and "micro-blog" sweet, they see as he was chewing a piece of candy, except to bring him joy is full of happiness, this seems to be a simple, but this is not a simple process to meet them, through the "micro-blog" planning your future, with JUE Na Liu’s words: "they operate" micro-blog "just run your own life! They have more heart, chew the spirit of"


to do anything not to act with undue haste, as the saying goes: "eat hot tofu", whether it is chewy candy or chewing "micro-blog marketing" of the new things, the need to chew the spirit.

, get the trust of the fans need to chew the psychological fans: use micro-blog marketing is a marketing mode of most enterprises are, but this way is like the candy of the same, are run with most enterprises throat, so they tasted the sweetness, so they put the necessary platform of micro-blog as the development of enterprises, and the strategic planning of micro-blog marketing "into their own enterprises, to obtain the trust of the fans a key is to timely and keep the festival, interactive fans send blessings, encounter difficulties to give the necessary help, let the fans feel grateful to you, you are not to think of marketing and marketing. You are sincere, enthusiastic people, time and fans to keep in touch, to feel that they are being valued by the enterprise group, which is the enterprise is able to fly The key link wire trust! In this regard, JUE Na do good, that can go to look at



two and retain high quality fans need to carefully build micro-blog wonderful for candy, because everyone has different preferences, if you want to sell candy, you need to study what kind of love patience consumer tastes, the enterprise wants to keep fans, also need to be carefully crafted to keep the attention of the fans the contents of multiple original articles, micro-blog can release 140 words, but the study found that the release of 123 ~ 130 words on the highest rate, only this hundred words but need meticulously, without too much quantity, every 5 to 10 is appropriate, but the quality must be done in place, you can say something interesting to say, who will love humor scripts, happy atmosphere can let the fans more easily listen to your

!The time period of

three, micro-blog released the contents of the research content: the need to constantly update time, micro-blog released the content also needs to be further studied enterprises, expand thinking based on content, the time period as a peak to attract fans attention, concerned Research >

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