Do not say to do ten years of advertising do not know what is Big dea

advertising and brand knowledge tens of thousands of people, where to start? I was a magic word before the deeply attracted, ha, the word is the advertising community of fans Big Idea!

Idea there is no absolute standard, but it can be a sub level, before Leo Burnett, a company with a scoring system of idea, from 1 to 10, generally is from bad idea to pass to idea, good idea, and then to the amazing Big Idea


what is Big Idea?

if you are interested you can Search the key word, although the problem is very simple, but it is a lot of people (even if there are more than 10 years practitioners or brand people) are still confused. My understanding is:


this definition applies not only to brand marketing, but also applies to any industry you are engaged in, yes, each industry has its own Big Idea!

yes, there are two key points to achieve Big Idea:

1 "no one thought", which shows that your idea is Original, original, unique, amazing. If the idea is too, even if the implementation is again beautiful, also can not be called Big Idea.

2 "change the world", which requires that your ideas will be able to solve the problem, can have a huge impact and positive change. Here the "change the world" is a general, can change the industry inertia, changing consumer behavior, change the brand image, change the social climate change, universal concept…


above both are indispensable.

for example, just change the world, is not equal to Big Idea. Like the great determination and courage the mountain is gone, but this method, everyone can think, do not let people shine at the moment, so it is not Big Idea. Similarly, only "no thought" is not enough, just as in the social network, there are a lot of people and companies to Bo eye, make some stunning regret vulgar overacts, change the world but not actively, but the pollution in the world, can only be said to be Stupid idea


how to do to get Big Idea?

is back to the previous two key points:

the first step, you want to make a positive change in the "world" is what is your ultimate goal, look forward to the creation of the screen and the scene is what?

, for example, "Earth Hour" to create a new picture of the world: to make people turn off the lights, caring for the earth.

such as "Coca-Cola Open Happiness" >

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