For the soft writing of the three and the three do not

following the June 28th Baidu K station since, Baidu has been in constant adjustment, and in the K station Baidu also said in the interpretation of the site must have high quality, and high quality content is the original. I believe we all know how to change the search engine, the original article is still very like very friendly. The soft Wen promotion is one of the things we have to do in the promotion of the site.

now as a webmaster or Seoer in our promotion site, in order to get a better ranking of search engines, soft Wen promotion has become one thing we have to do. Today we’re crazy small talk about their own views for soft writing, it seems crazy in the soft writing we have to do three to three do not, here to introduce what is three and three do not.

soft writing three:

First, we must have the courage to write

many times when we thought of writing subject did not dare to write and write an article, we want to for a long time. Here. Want to say is writing soft when we was reading the same, every day the teacher will arrange us every day to write the log, to write about the events of the day every day, record your life. Although our soft writing and write the log is different, but the basic principle is the same, we should first "to write" to "the article read" and then we finally to "new in order to be different". As long as we can do these three points, we will have a great improvement in writing ability. As we often hear, "everything is difficult at the beginning", as long as we are brave enough to take the first step, we dare to take the second step. Soft writing is like this.

second, to read the article

when we write soft article must be readable, like the same is an article on the SEO training, why people click rate is so high, and we are so low?

the readability of the article for the madman is to be natural, the article to be natural and smooth, to write the focus of the article, from a number of angles to write this focus. Allows users to understand the deeper level. So your article will naturally attract a lot of attention and browsing.


new in order to be different

our writing to give people the feeling of soft, take on an altogether new aspect necessary should learn to innovate. When we can easily write an article, and the article every day to click and reprint a lot, but when you write this kind of article too much, whether you can also retain users?

like you for several days in writing About Baidu in June 22 and June 28 K station event, without an article on other aspects of the article, when the user see more articles like this will be less interested in, will think you have what to write. So we must be soft in the writing of innovation, to change continuously, in a different article form to retain users.

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