How to effectively promote webmaster website

from the Institute to the site now has a period of time, in the promotion and expansion of the site also has some personal views, summed up mainly in the following areas:

first to grasp from the big aspects. I think this website for future development is crucial, directly affect the positioning of the site and the impression left to the user, affect the return rate to a certain extent, we should be treated with caution, summed up in the following points:

, a full understanding of the website, to determine the nature and direction of the site, to grasp from the overall, this is the first thing to do, is to know how to do, grasp the big frame has a direct impact on the publicity, I am here for example: a movie station I had built. The keyword is "free movie", when propaganda is determined in accordance with the direction to do, but in the later, with the collection of the major search engines began to increase, I in order to increase the greater effect, results in a website on top of the column is some individual opinions and perspectives on the website, the equivalent of a a small personal forum. Thought the more original things that can attract the arrival of the spider, can the results did not achieve this effect, publicity time is also to attract users with some personal views, causing the user to determine the error, the propaganda has some users also have a great impact, traffic gradually reduced. This simple example is that there is no effective grasp of the nature of the site, leading to fundamental errors, and gradually affect the development of the site!

two, what do you want to publicize what, a website has its reason to exist, not propaganda website is "dead", as I mentioned above, you are free movie website features, so we should focus on "free movie" in the end, in the course of the long tail keywords you can changes and increase. Simple point is around the personal website features to promote, find the appropriate user groups, in particular to the publicity to promote the regional effect, I feel good, at least I do, will promote the overall data are good, as a webmaster we should make it clear to highlight what these, at this point we should not be confused.

three, specifically how to promote. Promotion is a long process, not one or two days. I think there are funds for the simple, now look at the webmaster advertising alliance promotion should know – "burning", but as our small owners how to do, this is what we need to think about.

secondly, on the basis of the overall planning, the study is how to effectively promote the. Here I introduce what I thought is the promotion of the "net to catch fish, Dianmianjiege, have a crush one by one" rule – "the law of large numbers", so the effect is quite good, the specific said:

one, we are very familiar with —- soft. The soft effect I think is quite good but not for a long time, this is a very good effect on the new station, soft writing is concise, right, remember wordy, otherwise the effect.

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