Niu Wenwen Qiu Bing Qin Shuo won the annual media Award

February 18, 2017, sponsored by the Phoenix News, information, Phoenix TV co delivery of · 2017 from the media in Beijing Phoenix media center held a ceremony. The traditional media and new media chiefs gathered hundreds of New Media Awards for entrepreneurs, and common talk since new trend of media era.

CEO Qiu Bing, the famous pear video independent financial observers, Qin Shuo friends sponsor Qin Shuo, top founder Xu Da, Niu Wenwen, founder of "Chinese entrepreneurs horse first paparazzi Zhuo Wei, executive director of China visual editor Chai Jijun won the annual media award! Phoenix new media CEO, executive director, Liu Shuang, Phoenix TV Limited operations president Beijing News President Dai Zigeng prizes to the winners.

anchor: congratulations to all our winners, please rest in front of. And then we were a group of winners, as of today’s media industry, they are the future of the media industry leader. We’re here to announce the annual media awards.

please Phoenix Satellite TV COO, Phoenix CEO, a little information chairman Liu Shuang, the new Beijing newspaper president Dai Dai came from the stage awards, please!

Liu Shuang: the following annual media figures award winners.

Mr. Dai: Mr. Qiu Bing, Mr. Qin Shuo, Mr. Xu da.

Liu Shuang: Mr. Niu Wenwen, Mr. Zhuo Wei, Mr. Chai Jijun.

host: congratulations. Congratulations to the winners, but also please come on stage. Please always cool with the president from wearing more awards for the winners.

please guests to move slightly to the left, we come to a photo. Thank you. With more wear since the president for our presentation, thank you in front of the rest. You do not have to do the big brother of self introduction, but still please share the feeling of winning the prize today.

Qiu Bing: Thank you, we will certainly do a better job of pear video

Qiu Bing: just talked about not to thank Phoenix and a little bit of information, would like to thank the first row of a few men, and later want to Phoenix man also have other meaning.

thank you very much for your concern, we will certainly do a better job of pear video. Thank you.

Qin Shuo: Mr. Liu Shuang spoke of the passion of the opening of our hearts

Qin Shuo: Thank and a little information, Mr. Liu Shuang today when the opening made a passionate speech, full of humanistic spirit, a lot of words to say this generation of people’s thoughts, that is, in the China very variegated and very complex in the field of public opinion, how can we do stream.

Xu inside: do a good job from the media business services, connect

Xu inside: I am a new list of Shedane, Phoenix Service and a bit of good information platform as well as outstanding entrepreneurs, good service providers, connections.


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