NetEase cloud music commercialization of the road and the future guess original

author Yan Xinxin, the current Tencent product operations, worked in Baidu, NetEase. The three lesson of the 3.3 program third.

said if the past two years the brilliance of Internet products, NetEase cloud music can definitely be called a.

launched in April 2013;

number of users broke 100 million in 2015;

2016 among the industry’s first camp;

won 200 million users in July 2016;

and this, it took only 3 years. I’m afraid this is a dream trip for any product". It is worth mentioning that, in the brutal competition in the music market, NetEase cloud music paying users only in the past year have continuously increased several times.

as you know, the Internet has come to the second half of the demographic dividend period has passed, commercialization is probably the biggest problem in front of each product. When the Internet music products hit the commercialization, will wipe out what kind of spark? This article will be combined with the commercialization of NetEase cloud music realizable way and the possibility of the future, to talk about this issue.

I will first introduce the existing NetEase cloud music has begun to try some of the commercial means, and then to introduce the personal understanding of the music industry of the whole industry chain and market pattern, and finally try to look at the NetEase cloud music there may be future attempt to commercialize realization in what place.

first, NetEase cloud music existing commercial realizable way to resolve

1 digital album

digital album (i.e. no entity CD, authorized by the website to download copyrighted music form, the music is on sale early in the Ipod this form) due to the emergence of copyright protection, as a kind of innovative business practices of traditional music sales diminuendo, digital album has a unique natural network advantage: reduce production cost and price is not high, than to go to the store to buy a record more convenient.

user scenarios such as brush to a dynamic new album Love beans, immediately to the NetEase cloud music love beans home page to see the details, think of love support can not stay in the oral, to listen to quickly buy buy buy!


or: listen to a song that you would like to download, but found that only the album can be saved to the local, and then enter the singer’s home page to view the details of the purchase to download.

, for example, I would like to download the following song, you will enter the album details page, and then follow the tips and payment process to operate, you can complete the payment.


there is a small problem about cloud music to mention – in the digital album order page, we found that users can buy more than one album donated to friends, but this experience is not very good. < >

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