The most expensive WeChat plagiarism case filing claims amounting to 200 thousand of the prosecuti

According to Xinhua news agency, Shanghai, May 27th

news (reporter Ye Jian Zhou Jieren) according to Shanghai’s "new media list" to the reporter the information provided in the well-known WeChat public Ayawawa authorization, the three copy number of public prosecution has been Shenzhen Nanshan District court accepted the case. Due to the amount of the claim amounted to 200 thousand yuan, but also has become so far the most expensive WeChat plagiarism rights cases.

according to reports, WeChat public Ayawawa fans several one hundred thousand people behind the operator is called "baby sister" Yang Bingyang. Talking about the prosecution, Yang Bingyang bluntly, they broke a lot of my article, the ‘baby sister’ replaced by ‘sister Lili’. So that the reader asked me, why is sometimes called sister, sometimes called Lili sister, in the end who copied who?

as the personnel responsible for the prosecution, "new media list" staff Mao Liying told reporters: "the prosecution of three contents of the public number similarity is very high, they are about 5 months, the alleged plagiarism Ayawawa of more than and 160 articles. Some of the articles have been certified as authentic time stamp as evidence."

why this claim amount of up to 200 thousand yuan, Mao Liying said, is to take into account the influence of the public number Ayawawa, the continuity of plagiarism and the ability to compensate the other party.

reporter learned that, according to the account that the certification body, the No. three public prosecution, "Lili micro emotion question" and "feelings" are from Zhejiang Yongkang city helianda international trade limited company operation, another public number is not marked operator information. Reporter query data found that home helianda international is a production and processing enterprises. Reporters tried to contact the person in charge of the company, call the phone number after its release, although no one answered the answer. Reporters learned from Yang Bingyang, the new media list, the company did not take the initiative to contact or respond. As of the evening of 26, the above three public numbers are still normal push information, the content is not mentioned plagiarism or prosecution.

previously, the public number plagiarism case initiated by a network in Shanghai also formally filed.

Author: Ye Jian Zhou Ren

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