The next Ma from Good to Great Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong need to break through the ceiling 7

before becoming a truly great company, Jingdong must also fight for the status of the industry in the future, and strive to demonstrate the effectiveness of its profit model. At the same time, it must break through the 7 ceiling, such as Liu Qiangdong himself, the boundaries of the asset model itself, the cost of growth, etc..


text / Yin Sheng

an interview with Liu Qiangdong, and in 2010, the annual turnover of Jingdong in just close to 10 billion yuan, the final interview published in the cover version of Chinese Forbes magazine in 2011 second period, the title is "the next Ma Yun?".


since then, I have never formally interviewed him, just not long ago in CCTV-2’s "dialogue" as a guest in the recording scene, to face him again.

in the past 5 years, the Jingdong’s trading volume increased by 45 times, the valuation / market value increased by hundreds of times, the staff increased by 20 times, some of them are developed at the time of the expected, such as:

he was believed to have to avoid the wrong way Ma has gone through, through different voting rights set firmly in control of the company, he said "if you lose control, would rather sell the company"; and as he is expected by 2013 will be more than 30 thousand employees (though only a few thousand men), and consciously build a culture like that Alibaba, to manage the company’s expansion.

others far more than was expected, such as he had predicted in 2013 the company’s turnover will reach 400 to 50 billion yuan, but because the development of the platform business, the final transaction amount is almost two times that predicted. Obviously, if there is no precautions in the ownership structure, talent, culture and so on, only then the capital and business expansion is speeding Jingdong may make fast out of control.

but there are so many years after the road is still in the exploration, such as profit, he was planning the profit model of logistics services, including rental platform for sharing, and self brand products, it has not completely done, he even thought that through cost rising, to 400 to 50 billion yuan turnover scale. Can be profitable, but now it seems profitable than tough.

and others have been achieved, but now facing new changes, such as he was expected with the complete category of each business layout, a real dogfight will start after 2013, and then in a leading position in the Jingdong must have a chance; in the past few years, the Jingdong to prove himself as a strong Challenger Ali’s position, but he faced the same problem – three years or five years later, the Jingdong can change in the leading position in the new industry.

, for example, was at that time, "continued to provide the lowest price"

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