Daily topic news portal was linked to remind the webmaster website links to pay attention to the sec

station network (www.admin5.com) May 7th news yesterday, Sina micro-blog certified user electric columnist Zhuang Shuai has released a screenshot in micro-blog search through the portal website published in articles found that many articles content and title has been replaced by the key words of gaming related, and jump to illegal gambling sites.

Zhuang Shuai said its findings about the shop, Alipay and other Jingdong tax without speech into lottery and link to jump to the lottery website, the article suggests we do not point links. This is intended to operate or the site was black.

webmaster search keywords several illegal gambling, from the above screenshot we can see a lot of news portal website Baidu news source included content are replaced by gaming related content, some open has been deleted, some still illegal website links to jump. Suspected of a large number of portals are black, illegal gambling, gambling sites. Some users even think it will be profitable to operate these sites to profit.

in October last year, Baidu outside the chain algorithm to upgrade, for super chain cheating, black chain site and other acts to crack down on. Baidu outside the chain to determine the purchase of the high weight of the chain, black chain, large scale mass increase in the quality of the chain, chain, etc. there is no role in website optimization, and will be severely punished. Not only did not hang black chain effect, was linked to the black chain site will also receive the punishment of search engines. The door is black add illegal keywords and hung black chain events also remind the webmaster to abandon improper links cheating, and timely check website security, at the same time, the regular operation of the website, illegal content do not involve gambling, pornography.

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