How to combine the use of news and advertising


network has been rapid development in 2012, the news marketing is not so superior, has been gradually recognized enterprises. There is an essential difference between news and advertising, the two can not substitute for each other, but they have no natural rivers, such as the ingenious plan, coordinate with each other, can make the enterprise visibility and credibility of a tiger with wings added. Some companies in developed countries, as well as the rapid development of consulting and planning staff, and to extend the maturity period to prevent premature aging. It is difficult for the small and medium-sized enterprises in our country to establish the perfect professional management mechanism.

is more feasible for new employees, arrange special courses on the occupation career planning in pre job training, and pass the company’s management philosophy to employees, so that employees have more accurate expectations on the development of their own may be within the company as soon as possible, "I know where." how can I go on". The staff in the process of enterprise work, the supervisor and HR managers to give timely guidance, if existing employees feel inadequate job news and advertising as the integration of resources, research and practice to an important strategy of innovation of enterprise competitiveness. Such as the United States a successful development of a new type of environmentally friendly green houses. They intend to install a number of residential areas, causing strong opposition from local residents, residents believe that the overall pattern of the destruction of the District, and appeal to the court. The results of this enterprise win, when sentencing, the company invited reporters to participate. Soon, many media reported the case in favor, and then the company played in the media on a regular basis, access to pure advertising is difficult to obtain visibility and sales, in one fell swoop success.

in the United States as well as a real estate developer, the development of a number of new lighting commercial housing. One winter, they suddenly found a new batch of birds living in the room. The project manager asked the doors and windows to close, and immediately came to the TV station and the media to observe the camera. Soon the news media published the news that the birds also like lighting room. Then appeared on the TV station of this kind of house advertising, get unexpected sales. Haier is also a master in this regard, I remember in the early 90s of last century, the people’s daily, director of the daily manager of China Electrical daily and other media, a large number of reports on the development of new products Haier Haier culture. Not long ago, Haier in the CCTV played a Haier sincere to forever, the cultural advertising and new product advertising, news and advertising combined to establish the cultural image of Haier, improve the visibility and credibility of Haier.

so that consumers buy air conditioning and so on Haier. Good news and excessive speculation is the combination of the tomb of the enterprise. The life of the news is true and believable, so it can attract attention. But excessive speculation is artificially against the passenger regulation law of news malicious news befog the minds of the people. So the good news and malicious speculation incompatible. Brand awareness and reputation, to be good at combining with the news media and careful planning, the news report out. But the most important thing here is that your company has an objective source of news, like the three examples of the United States and Haier listed above, but it must not be artificially false

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