Good product is the foundation of all marketing

experts say, look at a business has no prospects, depending on his repeat purchase rate and the ability to bring people. Repeat the purchase of the product is fully recognized, with other people to buy, indicating that customers are willing to share, has formed a reputation. This situation with appropriate marketing will form a virtuous circle.

so how can we achieve this effect?. Good product is the foundation of all marketing. A few days ago, my shop sold a Rui Xi Tong massage shawl, the customer himself in the circle of friends to share photos that just arrived on the one hand was robbed of a colleague, but also to buy, is a good gift for the elderly. This product has not been a very special selling point, but it is more effective, can form such a share and reputation, so that there is a good product, marketing will be twice the result with half the effort. This also lets me get inspiration, suitable for the elderly to use the product, not the elderly direct purchase, although the elderly are not accustomed to the Internet, we can give a gift filial card, let young people buy, the young or the real strong purchasing power.

How could

have a good product China? There are many traditional crafts, some have been lost, some without carry forward. Artisan spirit is not a simple repetition of the process, but in each iteration of the process there will be subtle adjustments and local innovation. It would be better if the innovation fits the needs of the market and the user.

take the traditional comic art, why there are so many classic traditional comic scripts, modern less? Or because modern people more and more impetuous, a famous comic actor, will have many entertainment activities, in order to Ukena and performance, of course it is very difficult to classic. The comedian crosstalk just in a small theater, once again after being adjusted after pondering innovation, according to the audience’s reaction and adjustment, many polish, eventually forming quality.

according to statistics, the average life expectancy of Chinese private enterprises is three years. To adhere to is commendable enterprise for more than ten years. With the reform and opening up economic construction as the center, all the money, put forward the concept of packaging mode, most of the enterprises are supposed to make money fast. Can really sink in the heart with artisan spirit products have been rare, especially in high-tech enterprises, the rapid development of science and technology, to the long-term survival of high-tech enterprises is very rare. Worldwide, IBM has been listed for one hundred years, the share price of more than 30 thousand times. Domestic enterprises, Lenovo has been thirty-one years, can be described as a veteran of science and technology.

how to create a good user experience of the product?. I will work according to their own experience and the experience of some of the operating mode, share experience. For example, before I open the site to sell high potential products on the Internet, I will be the main business platform for the product’s poor evaluation are collected together, we can do those improvements to inform the production department. The company’s products on the basis of inheriting the traditional product innovation, from the user’s recommendations for collection and processing, from the point of view of the user to solve the pain, the production of products that reflect the needs of users.


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