Topic ads reduce blog article readability

      recently, I subscribe to the blog, the topic of advertising frequency increased significantly, a lot of people around a common topic (in fact, is willing to pay the fees, products) written comments, resulting in the overall readability of the subscription fell sharply, be pestered beyond endurance. He is leaving for Tibet today, I will come back after 1500 feed to clean up a subscription fee, the topic based blog I can only reluctantly part.

blog in the chain, the author and the reader should be part of the most powerful, but now the company to insert a thick stick in the middle, and called word-of-mouth marketing. To be honest, this reputation is a bad word of mouth, even if it does not hurt the enterprise, but it hurt the reader, directly hurt the author. In order to corporate reputation, damage the author’s word of mouth, I believe that this loss, far more than a few hundred dollars. This business model must be short-lived.

readers will always be a personification of blog, we through a blog, to feel a person’s wisdom and emotion. But companies always want to blog, the utilitarian business, they think, tens of dollars, can make the enterprise and blog have common interests, the interests of the powerful, can easily interpret tile and author of the original relationship. Yes, it is very easy really, no one is forcing you to read a blog, just a click of the mouse to unsubscribe so simple.

there is no well written charges? There is, so far as I could see, all the topics are well written, is critical. Criticism is a personal expression of the most authentic, when writing criticism, you don’t have to work hard for the sake of enterprise promotion effect, you only need to write their own most intuitive feeling, do not have almost no to someone you know what products piled the words of no importance. This pile of text, occasionally one or two can endure, much is.

I’m sorry to offend a lot of blogger who wrote the fees. But this post is not for me to you, I just feel strange, the design of the business model, those who support the business model, it will be at the family dinner table, is also an enterprise product endorsement fee?

yes, I’m really a "blogger fundamentalist" in this regard, and you can say that I’m a "family fundamentalist" and "fundamentalist". Not all things, need to see the naked interests.

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