SEOer occupation planning dedicated to young youth ambition

SEO work on the road, not you or I fall, but the ability to control the lift but not you and me. To those who are working hard on the road to SEO!

in this article you will read: a grassroots webmaster job content and career changes for two years; the majority of the SEOer some simple suggestions; SEOer and other related job interview skills

thought for a long time before deciding to write such an article, the first is to commemorate my graduation after working for two years, and engaged in SEO work for two years, is not a newcomer, nor is it the elderly. Second is to make a summary for the past two years, today is the last day of the third companies. I graduated from science, literary talent is not good, mainly to see the content!!!

had not a new SEOer+ grassroots webmaster + website operators within two years of work and occupation change

February 2011 officially out of school at the time of the new life and the society in the future have a better vision! Can really enter the society, before going to work, the idea of fighting gradually eroded ~

is the first job that company friends into the group in the form of company is where I is the affiliate network company, as a professional computer science I, easily received the so-called SEO! At the time of the SEO do not understand, then know that the work I do is actually outside the Commissioner of the chain… But at that time and team mates in the still bored, in the company in the first half, recognize the two masters: a technical department of beauty, is mainly responsible for the development of website and software related maintenance; the other is SEO, was very envious of him! He doesn’t know later really SEOer… Six months, learning how to view the site background data, how to send the chain, how to manage the background of the site, I know there is a SEO forum called search outside a column called SEO one hundred thousand why….

six months later in August 2011, I feel that they have learned to leave my social life in the second companies, did not expect to do here is a year. Second the company is in the form of national each provinces and cities have a branch, I was applying for a job as a director of the Liaoning SEO company here in Shenyang, the 3 round of interviews (local telephone interview the manager of the company, with headquarters in Beijing, the website operator is responsible for the interview, and finally the enterprise Mister video interview), the mood was very nervous, because before do things are one-sided and are the basis of knowledge, although before the bubble forum, read the books checked the information but not the psychological, after all, is just from the Commissioner of the chain out of identity. But I did not expect to successfully apply for a job!

the next day is like playing chicken with the same excitement, don’t stop to view the SEO materials, books and forums, QQ group! Later contact with another famous SEO forum "push" > 28

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