One of the Revolution Series Webmaster webmaster busy how to quickly increase the content of the si

if the layout of the site, columnstructure is the site of the body, the content of the web site is the site of the blood, no blood body is just a pile of a dead-alive person without content, the site is just a beautiful vase. From now on some webmaster, generally speaking, a website search volume is related with the number of web pages and search engines, the number of engines and the number and website content have inevitable connection. The site does not flow, see is not your website is not enough full, if your station search engine included hundreds of thousands of pages, no traffic, it came to me, that is the optimization problem.

do not think that only the cowboy was very busy, our webmaster is very busy, not to the owners during the day to go to work, go to school at night, only a little time to your own good management, everybody busy, but also take the time to look at the Admin5, but also to go out with water, a lot of people the upset is to quickly create web content, summarizes several methods here fast increase the content of the web site.

1, the money to buy a station, natural data.

ADMIN5 trading is so hot, I think there are certain reasons, many people want to buy the station, many people want to sell the station, so the Trading Forum on fire, the boss is graph king Xianshengduoren, aimed at the market decisive attack, now think forum of the transactions, have to admire.

, in fact, a lot of people, some have a certain street station to continue training, which can greatly shorten the construction time of the site, but the late maintenance is difficult, if you buy more stations, huge data to a person to maintain it is a matter of concern. As for how to operate, it has been written out, look at how Yang Fan is earning $800 a day, I am very much his below, what kind of management of the data to buy 200 stations. This method, in the short term to aggregated traffic, also can obtain the income in the short term, is the webmaster required method has a certain economic basis.

2, CmS is very good, very powerful.

Cms, all of the owners are not strange, his birth is destined to bring hitherto unknown website industry shock, good, now the site is basically dominated by CMS, PowerEasy, Dede, phpcms and so on, a new cloud. Inside with their own collection system is to make the station has become a very interesting thing.

Speaking of the

collection, really love and hate, unable to stop. In fact, I think the CMS acquisition function if use, is a very powerful tool, and is not caused by search engine K station tools, how to utilize? First collection of content is not too much, a collection of tens of thousands of, it is more difficult to be, my experience is that each channel or column a collection of hundreds of pages, generation. Then, be sure to add the contents of the channel or column, add their own manual 10 to about 15

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