The key to the success of e commerce websites

only a short while ago, many entrepreneurs are in the best of spirits cast all savings to set up e-commerce website, want to get in a borderless Internet world in a cup of soup. However, when the commodity linked to the Internet, no matter how to promote, as No one shows any interest in. End up losing money. If you want to succeed in the world of e-commerce, we must seriously explore the footsteps left by the predecessors, learn from all kinds of valuable experience, to avoid making the same mistake. Keep up with the wisdom of the past, in order to make themselves in the Internet business rules will not be lost. I believe that to study the success and failure of each e-commerce factors, have to spend a good time. Therefore, some major factors have been listed in this chapter in detail:

Why did


want to do a good job in e-commerce, in fact, as with traditional business, must have good planning. There are a lot of people in the just entered the e-commerce, just want to put a lot of product information as soon as possible to the functional photos hanging on the site. After waiting in front of the computer every day? Waiting for customers to come. In this way to business e-commerce, believe that few people can escape the collapse of the ending. These attempts to taste the taste of e-commerce entrepreneurs, in the end, most of the e-commerce is not feasible. Can learn from the experience of failure, and a few people? Therefore, recognize in the course of business in electronic commerce, which may make mistakes, in order to ensure that the Internet will not get lost in the vast sea. Here are some of the most fatal errors, such as:

lacks a good marketing plan.

can not touch the essence of goods or services, e-commerce has become the most headache. So it is harder to sell goods or services on the Internet than traditional business. As mentioned earlier, only the information of goods or services linked to the Internet, there is no way to bring potential customers to buy. Goods or services cannot be without good marketing plans before choosing the appropriate channels. A good marketing plan can help e-commerce to save more operating costs and increase profits.

lack of updated product service information.

because the information update speed, so the Internet was accepted by the public. How can one not often update the site, how to attract Internet users frequently visit? Just follow the content specification, the wholly intact display on the website, is unable to attract Internet users attention.

lacks a sound network architecture.

in order to reduce the cost of setting up e-commerce investment, would rather choose cheap host. Although a little bit of savings, but it is hard to potential customers. How, if the customer for a long time, "have not come out, what will they do? The structure has been free and open, like the osCommerce JoomlaecShop tool to set up electronic commerce, not only their own investment there is no guarantee, but also allow customers to face such as the risk of being stolen credit card information. >

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