Did you cook rice today On the choice of domain names

reform spring breeze Montreal, webmaster friends to live up to expectations; large grain CNNIC encountered, not cooking rice quickly squeeze.

buy space is wrong and then change, as long as the usual ground backup data, the loss of money, spend one or two hours, the transfer is not in any event, but to buy rice? It is not as simple as that. Can not say do not do it, but it comes to your pre promotion, to prepare the case. The value of PR,.Google.yahoo, Baidu included. Even related to advertising and other aspects of the problem. A word can’t give up.


immediately cut to the chase. Many of my friends asked me. How can we sign a good domain name? Do not limit the transfer, no lock, no fees charged…… It was a bad sign. A friend will say, may choose million net? We go to see the price you know. More than and 100, it is more than twice as expensive as the agent, and now, after all, is not an upstart, the province’s money to the province, put the money into the host, perhaps you can choose a better host.

but…… Attention, but since the emergence of a dollar rice, the method out. I teach you a little trick. Spend a dollar. Register a meter. After a few days to find agents: I want to transfer. Look at the agents set traps, generous transfer. Haha, upright — tentatively scheduled for good rice business. Cook your favorite rice right now. If the drag with drag, clearly is not kind to rice. Spend a dollar to buy a clear, do not tell me you do not have 1 yuan, no tell me. I let you have the CN sponsored QQ21652022 (2008.12.31 time before, and did not have money, do not require thousands of people only like a swarm of bees, I run away the


figured out. Of course, get out immediately, for a. Of course, go to the forum to ask others, so that we recommend several good agents are also very simple way!

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sour, sweet, bitter, hot!

and please look at my other article, the wrong place we correct: domain name record – I want to say love you is not easy!

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