And the end of the month trial electronic invoices for the electricity supplier industry will decide

electronic invoice voice has been for a long time, but has been Big word seldom accompany great deed., but in May 15th, the national development and Reform Commission finally released the "Circular on carrying out" national e-commerce model city e-commerce pilot special organization, the notice shows that before 31 this month, will build e-commerce demonstration in the city at the same time to have the city, model city to promote electronic Invoicing function, which shows that after hanging over the business finally set off a dangerous situation Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles.,

!The development of

business, from a certain extent, the need to regulate the electronic invoice, also, for many consumers, the ownership of electronic invoices on one hand can prove to the property, on the other hand can also play a similar role VAT, help enterprises to save tax expenditures, but the gap between theory and reality is very great, the implementation of electronic Invoicing road is facing hardships and dangers, even facing mortality risk.

electricity supplier website chaos situation is difficult to change the short term

industry in recent years the development of the fully comply with Moore’s law, every year turned over growth, behind the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier, relevant regulations and regulatory system lags behind the rapid development of the current demand, chaos apparent, the electricity supplier website has been quick access to shopping price competition stage profitability, as before, if the blood on the disguised electronic invoice, the electricity supplier website, undoubtedly has a very powerful


correspondingly, not through electronic invoice launch, can achieve rapid consolidation now chaos of the electricity supplier market, even if many electricity providers websites began to use electronic invoice, it will use the conversion of electronic invoice costs to the price of goods, consumers may take in the implementation of electronic Invoicing cost. Then the price will naturally reduce the attractiveness of online shopping, the user will be lost, so the battle for users will further upgrade, through the fierce competition, again and again to the end, may make the whole electricity market is shrinking, so the electronic invoice is not a panacea, a pair of standard electricity market on the contrary, may be the electricity supplier the

of the initiator of evil!

easy to use, low cost is the prerequisite for the implementation of electronic Invoicing

many industry experts said, in fact, electricity supplier after stocking stage, if not solve the current confusion and vicious competition, so for the entire electricity supplier industry development, also has a huge role in containment, so the implementation of electronic invoices, it is not necessarily a decision, if used properly, can also realize the enterprise. Consumers and tax department’s

win win win!The secret of

and successful promotion of electronic invoices is reflected in the use of convenient, low cost, Chinese e-commerce research center analyst Feng Lin believes that the current obstacles to further rapid promotion of electronic invoices, a very important reason is the implementation costs to end consumers, and consumers have just become the most urgent the need for the implementation of.

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