Use Baidu know little secret money complete the promotion of ideas

Objective: I’m just a junior high school graduates do not have small and make a living away from home for 6 years a slag, influence the recently established independent blog is Lu Songsong! Before the pine brother blog submission two times, also passed, this is not so gorgeous, probably because is practical experience. The article is hot! This time, many people say that my writing is good, there are some masters say what the text is so poor you can also be a writer? Blog reprint articles so much, also opened a blog? Hey… I really is poor, they are trying to learn. After all, their own culture is not high! During this period of time to establish the blog also learned a lot, I visited many master’s blog article really gorgeous, but it seems to me that in addition to some useful experience just left China Li, but there is no need to learn what the egg with the people, he probably cannot read, like reading the same mumbo-jumbo! I was like, probably because of my culture is low! I personally think small boring blog is also good, his literary talent and good resources dry, but in the wrong mode! We only do the webmaster of his hard work and talent will know the value, may give him a little money, the general user mentality is probably can see why give him money for free! But a generation of master. I wrote a blog just just share some of their own experience, I hope more people can help! Good beginning

not nonsense!


a Baidu know each other to sell a small number of brush number

may have something to do with the Baidu know people know that high grade to Baidu know promotion survival rate is relatively high, QQ group search Baidu know each brush, you can ask him to find some or selling, Baidu know an account to sell what price, you can go to the reference, generally understand do Baidu know people to buy, you will choose the 5 account, because the chance of a successful link is relatively large, the public price is 12 dollars each, we in this old standard operation! Operation 10 accounts a day, there are 100 to block two is best! Cooperate with team or individual operation, because it’s faster, my early one computer is close to 20 browser, and then turns to ask questions, remember the experience is not a question of account account, but to answer the question The adoption of the account may adopt about 30 questions, the level can reach level 5. Only get so much account only on Taobao, the last time also said that Taobao is the store market, what are, but I know when to search, Taobao is shielded, probably because of too much fire do it! We can go to the search Post Bar, the number is in Post Bar have been recorded, but Baidu can also be used, but also more pure, here you know, know Baidu and Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know to love a man with no experience of the little girl and ignorant, Baidu Post Bar love experienced woman, even if you go to Post Bar >

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