heard that your title is very easy to play heart


defeat in the title of the professional content, beyond count, elegant layout, save the rotten to the dregs of the title. If the audience even opening the article did not desire, quality content you the show to see who? So, the content is very important, the title should not be overlooked. How to make the title "fly" from the "heart" of all?! "the audience is the recipient of information dissemination, they each have complex psychological characteristics, with independent thinking, willing to accept all able to meet their psychological needs. Today, we comprehensively analyze the audience’s psychology, and the psychological relationship mining title, satisfy the soul with the title, you will learn a depth and down to earth title setting skills.


only exposed thigh, meet the audience curious psychology

over the past 500 years, people have never stopped the "Monalisa" smile mystery guess, try every means to crack the mystery behind the mysterious smile. This time and space to break the persistence and continuation of the "curiosity" at work.

what is the curiosity of the professional point of explanation is a kind of like to explore the psychological state of things. Curiosity is everyone, our joy and curiosity, seeking new audiences, this is the norm, the psychological characteristics of headline, to achieve a powerful communication effect. How to write the title of curiosity?

1, "…" proposition method

makes the title ended in 6 dots, so stop the way, there is enough space for imagination; let the audience into the hole, to the brain: who is TA – I think it is xx or XXX that I want to do is check – point in what was then the brain; advertising hole — I will not the letter I can’t guess – point in guess. This is not, driven by curiosity, click on the behavior of such a natural occurrence.


2, "keyword" proposition method

A class of words in the title

cleverly inserted can arouse curiosity, I summed up some common words, including but not limited to: the secret, the truth, is actually, never thought, thought, and the secret (sample)……. In addition, at the same time, by comparison of hyperbole, try to show surprise, contrary to expectation, rendering novel and unique atmosphere. The purpose is to attract the audience’s attention and curiosity, thinking, and finally led to the behavior you want to click on a look.

similar to the following title, with strong unexpected mood, did not think you are the kind of advertising, what kind of advertising: no integrity, thriller, "particularly want to see?. Shakespeare’s secret, you can also find it amazing, I quietly look at how you make up, the results are still in the point of view. This is the curiosity at work, so that the audience’s thirst for knowledge expansion. >

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