See Baidu through the Valley

degree Valley contest, as one of the two major search engines Baidu eye-catching. We can see through the "Valley" Baidu search is how to do.

in this half a month, Baidu’s ranking has changed a lot of times, in these changes, we can find some of the phenomenon:

Baidu blog and its own products, such as the fastest update. In the release of 15 hours, that is, a Hexun update of the valley of blog; after 18 hours, another Baidu in the first row of blog. 24 hours of third Baidu blog ranked first. Baidu update very fast. 3-4 hours can be updated once. Baidu’s understanding and acceptance of Chinese quickly. In the valley of contest third days of Baidu has been able to give accurate "Valley" of the word, in the valley to valley reported blog was founded in third days which can be accurate to three words out of the valley of Baidu’s own products very seriously. In the first few days before the game ranked the forefront of Baidu’s own products are: know, space, stick Baidu’s manual intervention is very strong. In a few days Baidu ranked the forefront of their products, their products almost disappeared, judging from Baidu’s artificial anti cheat has discovered this phenomenon, to cheat in their products as well as down the right Baidu love station. Ranking several, a large part is DoNews, and, behind the station occupied etc.. Baidu. Go to the valley group to do a test site leosn, completely imitate 16cc, after being included in more than 16cc, Baidu search results to become the first. The copy of the valley to test the contents of a Baidu space, Baidu leosn search results in the first second days, more than leosn, became the first in the Baidu group. Baidu keyword stack or bad governance. Look at the forefront of the rankings in recent days, almost without exception is the use of keywords stack.

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